Assembly Group Leader

Department: Production
Location: Metro Detroit
Report To: Assembly Assistant Manager
Type of Position: Full-time

General Description

Support Production to achieve production requirements, promote compliance with quality standards and operational procedures.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The primary responsibility is to assist Production Supervisor in daily production activities.
  2. Lead line leaders to meet daily production goals.
  3. Assist Production Supervisor in leading Line Leaders to review previous day issues with operators.
  4. Verify training level of operators, and assist coordinating training of operators.
  5. Monitor production on assigned lines, report any maintenance or quality related issues to Assistant Manager/Supervisor.
  6. Participate in problem solving teams
  7. Complete assigned paperwork for daily production reporting.
  8. Ensure operator compliance with 5S, standard work, safety and quality standards and procedures. 
  9. Perform duties as stated on Group Leader Activities check sheet.
  10. Assist Supervisors to review defects and rejects on lines during production.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.
  12. Provide support and training to Line Leads in their operations
  13. Insure the supply of material for the area and provide support and training to Material Handlers in their operations.
  14. Assist in start-up of the line
  15. Insure compliance with the quality requirements and criteria, escalate according to posted escalation process
  16. Insure compliance of the area’s procedures
  17. Compliance with the quality and environment standards procedures and instructions (those applicable)
  18. Fulfill the requirements of the production schedule
  19. Provide feedback to the next shift
  20. Assist the supervisor by performing the required activities in his absence
  21. All those activities generated as a result of changes, requirements and/or improvement in the process of the applicable area
Job Requirements

Work Experience:
1. Minimum 1 year in position automotive component manufacturing

1. High School education or equivalent required.
2. Good oral and written communication skills

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  1. Quality and environmental systems
  2. Handling of chemical substances and hazardous residues
  3. Knowledge about Lean Manufacturing and its tools
  4. 5S
  5. Waste Identification
  6. Emergency program
  7. Problem solving techniques
  8. Training in the work area
  9. Leadership
  10. Internal work regulations
  11. Quality and environmental procedures and instructions of assigned area
  12. Continuous improvement programs
  13. Participate in Kaizen and other improvement activities
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