Mold Technician

Report ToPre-production Supervisor
Type of Position: Full-time

General Description
  1. Set and start injection molds and machines to achieve departmental goals.
Key Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Start-up and shut down of injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.
  2. Mold changeovers
  3. Processing of injection molds to meet cycle time and quality standards.
  4. Preventive and/or corrective maintenance to the molding machines.
  5. Molding machines spare parts control
  6. Complete, file, and maintenance documentation generated for the maintenance, temperatures adjustment and set up of molding machines
  7. To Participate in problem solving related with molding process
  8. Respond to any hazardous or chemical substance contingences in the area
  9. Comply with the quality and environment standards procedures and instructions (those applicable)
  10. Complete reports
  11. Ensure all equipment running to set standards.
Job Requirements

Work Experience

  1. Prefer 2 years experience at injection molding facility


  1. High school diploma or equivalent

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  1. Applied statistics
  2. Problem solving techniques
  3. Handling of chemicals and hazardous residues
  4. Emergency program
  5. Quality criteria
  6. Mechanical skill
  7. Electricity basics
  8. PLC
  9. Injection molding
  10. Lean manufacturing tools
  11. Spilled material handling
  12. Quality and environmental procedures and instructions of the area
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