Quality Systems Specialist


Department: Troubleshoot
Location: SL Tennessee – Chassis
Report To: Quality Manager
Type of Position: Full-time

General Description

1) Analyze Job Methods: From observation, video, and photographs, break down jobs into their constituent operations. Work with engineers and production associates to eliminate wasteful steps and combine, rearrange and/or simplify necessary steps.
2) Develop Standardized Work: Document best job practices in a format that facilitates reduction in variability, easier training of operators, illustrating and emphasizing key points, and a baseline for improvement activities.
3) Define/document processes: Work with process owners to define, develop, and improve their processes.
4) Maintain system integrity: Review procedures for adherence to customer and IATF compliance, efficiency and industry best practices.
5) Control Quality Management System (QMS) documents: Control QMS documents per IATF 16949, ISO, and customer requirements using
document management database.
6) Control Quality Records: Ensure quality records are controlled as they are used, stored, and preserved.
7) Maintain Layered Process Audit (LPA) system – Coordinate LPA process for compliance with Built in Quality Supply Base (BIQS) requirements including scheduling, tracking and reporting to management.

Key Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Perform Job Breakdown Analysis, facilitate Job Methods Improvement

  2. Perform Business Process Analysis, facilitate Business Process Improvement

  3. Place draft procedures into approved format.

  4.  Route and track documents for review and approval

  1.   Record document changes in Document Control Database

  2.  Maintain Document and Quality Records Master Lists

  3. Ensure only current revisions of documents are available for use

  4. Obtain and ensure that documents of external origin are controlled and only latest revisions are available for use

  5. Scan and archive quality records for easy retrieval.

  6. Scheduling LPAs

  7. Document LPA findings

  8. Report LPA findings to management

Job Requirements

Work Experience
1) 4+ years of Document Control experience.
2) Experience creating, implementing and maintaining internal quality systems/document management systems.


  1.  Associates degree with 2 years related experience

  2.  or High School Degree and four (4) years related Document Control Coordinator experience

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  1. Excellent communication skills both written and verbally.

  2.  Must work well in a team environment and/or independently

  3.  Must be able to prioritize, management time well and multi task

  4. Proficient in MS Office, MS Access, and MS Visio applications

  5. Knowledge of IATF 16949, specifically sections applicable to control of documents and quality records

  6. Understand the process approach model of improving a QMS

  7. Understand the TWI method of documenting work methods

  8. Understands Process Mapping, flow charting,

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