Test Engineer

Department: Quality, LAB
Location: Lighting Test Lab
Report To: Test Lab Manager
Type of Position: Full-time
General Description

Support the Testing Lab (including Photometric, Metrology, Environmental and Vibration Labs), which is responsible for completing all testing per FMVSS, SAE, ECE and/or customer specifications for all new product launches, continuous conformance, and other reasons. This includes interpreting the specifications to determine acceptance or failure to the specifications and completing an official lab report for each test. Key person involved in resolving testing issues related to part failures, improper testing procedure, or mishandling of parts. Coordinates with outside vendors (calibration, equipment repair, testing, etc…). Planning and of yearly audits and leading ISO/IEC 17025:2017 audit certification.

Key Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Follow all procedures and work instructions within the Metrology, Environmental, Electrical, Photometry and/or Vibration Laboratories.
  2. Complete product testing and confirmation based on work orders and periodic evaluation schedules:
    1. Confirm testing requirements.
    2. Retrieve/Confirm samples as needed for testing.
    3. Scheduling of tests and equipment.
    4. Perform testing in accordance with required test specifications.
    5. Collection of data / results from tests performed.
    6. Make performance judgments on tests performed.
    7. Recording of test set-ups and results.
    8. Issue test reports based on test results and supported by data collected during testing.
  3. Maintain proper level of organization and cleanliness required (6S Program) for laboratory facilities and equipment, and to insure regular PM for test equipment.
  4. Investigate customer complaints and test failures/issues in order to document root cause and countermeasures or preventative measures as needed to reduce or eliminate test issues related to improper part handling or test procedures.
  5. Develop, Implement, and Validate new procedures and work instructions as needed.
  6. Troubleshooting equipment problems and scheduling outside maintenance as needed to prevent/reduce equipment downtime.
  7. Understand a wide variety of government and customer test specifications (SAE, FMVSS 108, GM, Ford, etc…)
  8. Develop periodic test schedule to insure product continuous compliance requirements are satisfied based on internal, customer, and regulatory guidelines.
  9. Writing technical lab reports and presenting findings as needed to customer and/or management.
  10. Planning and preparation of yearly audits (ISO 17025, internal audits, etc…).
  11. Address documentation to adhere to audited standards.
  12. Responsible for overall day to day coordination of activities within all labs.
Job Requirements

Work Experience

1) Prefer 2 years or more experience in reliability & environmental testing for products & components

2)  Minimum 5 years or more experience in Manufacturing / Quality and / or 1 year experience in the technical field of testing and use of test equipment (such as 3 axis random vibration, environmental chambers, photometric goniometer, etc…) preferred.


1) High School Diploma or GED, Associates degree required

2) Bachelor’s degree in engineering or other related field required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1) Good computer knowledge (windows environment).

2) Good mechanical and analytical skills.

3) Good electrical knowledge.

4) Understands value of quality and has worked in an environment with experience using sophisticated equipment.

5) Able to interact effectively with peers, superiors and subordinates (communication, leadership).

6) Basic Applied statistics.

7) Understanding of technical documents (dimensional drawings, technical specification, equipment manuals, etc.)

8) Strong knowledge and understanding of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 audit certification.

9) Test, measure and calibration equipment knowledge.

10) Read/write/speak English.

11) Able to work under time pressure.

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