SL Products

Lighting System

SL produces all kinds of lamps for automotive such as head lamps, rear lamps, fog lamps and CHMSLs. Also, we are leading the market with high-quality LED lamps and advanced automotive lighting systems.

Chassis System

SL produces auto/manual shifters, pedals, park brake levers for a variety of car models all around the world. Also, SL produces e-shifters using shifter-by-wire technology.

Front End Module

FEM makes it possible to reduce the production and processing time of automobile assembly lines. Consequently we make significant contributions in improving the quality of the automobile with FEM.

Mirror System

SL provides turn signal/power folding outside mirrors and inside mirrors that include special features such as ECM, Hi-Pass and Rear Camera Display.

Advanced Driver Assist System

SL produces AVM system. It uses 4 cameras installed at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle to provide a 360 degree image of around the vehicle and prevents accidents by eliminating blind spots.